RXOS 3.11 Update


The best update is here!

- All bugs are fixed, RXOS is now the one of the most stable OSs of Scratch!


- More fast, it will let you to not wait while launching apps.

- Final ESR update: 3.11 is the last update of RXOS Cupertino, with all fixes        and minor changes needed for the OS!

- Basic Mode optimized: the Basic Mode supports now the Turbo Mode of Scratch 3 and MBlock 5. The user interface is now more clean and design even with video limitations for a more fast experience on low end PC.

- Large compatibility: Scratch 2, MBlock 3 / 4 are still supported, even in 2019 for people who are still working with these old terminals, but it's the last version that support them.

- Compatibility with Scratch 3 and MBlock 5 out of box, without something to change.

- Vector Graphics: new graphics for UI elements of RXOS for a best experience on new terminals.

Next update: rxOS 5 (Beta)

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